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Snow Suits



Planning a March party? Invite your guests to come in their winter gear and take advantage of the best part of March in Vermont — soft, white snow. Here are some old and new ideas for throwing a fun-filled, snow-themed birthday bash, weather permitting, of course.

When the partygoers come in from the cold, they'll be looking for a festive meal. Serve some hearty soup or stew with crusty bread, and either hot cocoa or apple cider from that neglected Crock-Pot. Top off your seasonal celebration with some warm maple syrup on snow!


Sledding is a blast for all ages. Use a hill in your yard, or make one if you can. Remember to pack down the sledding path by taking a few runs before guests arrive. For safety, make a designated climbing lane to use when getting back to the top of the hill (avoid crashes!). "Feet first" is a good sledding rule.

Landscape Art

Turn your lawn into a canvas — fill plastic bottles with water and add food coloring to make the "paint." Have at least two bottles per guest, but be ready to refill. Ask the kids to squirt away, turning your lawn into landscape art. They can also make snow angels or snowpersons to paint.

The Fort

Snow forts appeal to kids of all ages, but for the 8-to-11 set, try building two forts for friendly snowball battles. Throw in a couple Flexible Flyer Snowball Makers — just $7.15 each on amazon.com. Make the forts at least a day ahead of time to let them harden. If there are tunnels, remember to keep children off the top!

Katrina Roberts is a Kids VT account executive and Realtor who lives in Monkton with her husband, Kids VT publisher Colby Roberts, and their three girls.

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