IAA Family Portraits 

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OF 11
Michelle Saffran
The Haji family: IAA 5th grader Harun, 1st grader Habiba
Writing by Harun Haji
Michelle Saffran
The Looby family: IAA 5th grader Josephine, 3rd grader Desi
Writing by Desi Looby
Michelle Saffran
The Beynnon family: IAA 2nd grader Debba, 3rd grader Fritznel, 3rd grader Dieuna
Writing by Debba Beynnon
Michelle Saffran
The Weiner-Cunningham family: IAA 2nd grader Johnny
Writing by Johnny Weiner-Cunningham
Writing by Johnny Weiner-Cunningham (continued)
Michelle Saffran
The Magar family: IAA 3rd grader Ishack
Writing by Ishack Magar
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Writing by Debba Beynnon

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